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One Star - Record Retrieval & Digital pdf Conversion

GetHealthRecords® will contact your care provider requesting a copy of your medical records. We will convert the records to a useful electronic, standardized pdf format (that can be read by any pdf reader) and add it into your Personal Health Record Clinical Reports area. An example of a Personal Health Record service is Dossia Health Manager. We will keep you notified of the status of your requests and notify you when a records is uploaded.

ONE STAR Standard Price: $29.95 for each record retrieval you request. *

Two Star - Record Retrieval, Digital pdf Conversion & "Specific Abstraction"

In addition to our One Star record retrieval service, GetHealthRecords® professionals will copy useful information we receive on your Allergies, prescribed Medications, Immunizations, basic Measurements (such as height, weight, blood pressure) and most common lab test into the appropriate areas of your Personal Health Record, i.e. Dossia Health Manager account, allowing you to track these areas and better manage your health.

TWO STAR Standard Price: $49.95 for each record retrieval you request*. NOTE: Group pricing is available.

*Some healthcare providers may charge additional copy fees.

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