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Better health through better information

GetHealthRecords® is dedicated to helping patients improve their health through better access to health information. We seek to place patients at the center of their healthcare and to help them make better healthcare decisions.

Our Services:
  1. Simplify the process for obtaining health records;
  2. Make health records easier to navigate and understand;
  3. Increase the usefulness and ultimate value of a Personal Health Record; and
  4. Enable patients to take greater control of their health.

Simple, Secure and Accurate

You can choose the level of service you need; from self-service support to full-service records retrieval and abstraction. Our specialists can retrieve patient health records from providers, convert records to a digital format, and store records in an organized way in a Personal Health Record account. We can provide record abstraction services that help ensure a patient's personal health record is summarized and easy to understand.

To create an account on you must be a member of one of our following partner organizations:

Sign into your account on one of these organizations, and install the application. The system will guide you through the rest.

NOTE: Our premium records retrieval services are eligible medical expenses by the IRS and can be reimbursable by flexible benefit plans and healthcare savings accounts.

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